The mongrel saved the family from the flood

Maxim accidentally saw the puppy on the street and took it home, calling him Toby. The dog was a very ordinary mongrel and approached the protection of the house with all seriousness.

Maxim loved his faithful dog very much, and in response, it followed all the commands of the owner, although he never trained it.

The dog loved the whole family very much, it was affectionate with every household member. It had a good-quality booth in the yard and there was a bowl of food next to it.

Toby was a great watchdog and protector for its family. Once it saved Maxim and his family from the water element. it warned everyone about the approach of the flood in time. On that terrible night, it was raining heavily, the river overflowed its banks. The water element swept away everything that it encountered on the way.

Maxim and all the rest of the household were fast asleep, but the loud barking of the dog woke everyone up. When the man went out into the yard, he saw that the water was already rapidly covering their yard.

The whole family, together with Toby, went to the attic and waited there for the flood to end. Toby was able to warn its family in time and thereby save them from a possible tragedy.

The flood then destroyed the homes of many people, and there were also human casualties. After the disaster, Maxim had to rebuild his house, and for the dog, he made a booth even better than the previous one.

Every day now Toby gets a piece of meat as thanks from the family for saving them.

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