Pregnant pit bull rescued from life on a chain gives birth to 13 puppies

It always amazes me how some people can be so cruel to their pets.

I never understood it. Pets are a great responsibility as well as a blessing, so they should never be left to fend for themselves.

Unfortunately, there are some people who just don’t take care of their animals. Fortunately, there are many kind people in the world who are ready to give these forgotten animals a second chance.

Blue was a pit bull who was placed on a chain beneath a tree and then just left to her own devices.

She was pregnant and her future was looking quite bleak

Fortunately for Blue, she was spotted by a woman who convinced the owners to surrender her. Blue was so happy and grateful for the help.

She was moved to a veterinary hospital, and she went into labor that same night.

Blue went on to become to mother of 13 identical puppies!

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