The dog saw off every puppy that people took away with a kiss

The homeless pit bull, who would later be called Rainbow, never aspired to people. Life on the street has taught her to be cautious and distrustful. 48 hours after the birth of her puppies, a storm with record rains hit California. Rainbow hid the newborn puppies in the bushes, but the chances of survival for the family were small. She had to trust people.

Residents have repeatedly noticed the dog in recent months and tried to feed her or take her to a shelter. But the dog always ran away. And when a thunderstorm broke out, rescuers who arrived on an urgent call could not understand for a long time where she was hiding with the puppies. Bushes are an unreliable shelter, but it was not easy to find a small object in them at night, in the rain, and with flashlights. And the bad weather was getting worse.

The dog and the puppies have been found! Now it was necessary to win the trust of the Rainbow, which could slip away out of habit. But everything went well.

The rescuer carefully took the puppy and dragged it outside, away from the improvised lair. Rainbow started up, became alert and … licked the baby’s nose. As if soothing — everything will be fine. One by one, people took out the puppies and everyone received a farewell kiss from their mother. The dog stayed in the lair and did not know where its children were being taken.

Rainbow did not resist when she was pulled out of the bushes and placed in a cage. The rain was getting heavier and it was time to get out of the street into a safe shelter. People, dogs, equipment-everything was soaked through, and in addition, the electricity was cut off because of the thunderstorm, so it was necessary to settle in the shelter and inspect the rescued at the veterinarian by the light of flashlights.

The result of the rescue operation: a thin, but generally healthy dog-a mother and eight pretty puppies. In memory of the conditions in which they appeared in the shelter, they were named after the elements: Thunder, Breeze, Fog, Flash, Lightning, Storm, and the two smallest ones — a Drop and a Drizzle. And their mother became a Rainbow.

The puppies are growing up and will soon be ready to find new homes. Rainbow no longer shuns people and she does not mind that her kids also get their families.

A touching video of the rescue operation:

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