The driver of the postal truck loves to be photographed with the dogs of his customers

In any work, there are negative and positive aspects, often not obvious. For Jason Hardesty, who works for the UPS postal service, it has become a fact that he can be photographed with customers ‘ dogs. It’s actually more than a hobby. That’s why he loves his job!

It all started corny one day a cute puppy came out to meet the parcel with the customer, Jason asked for permission to pet him, took a photo, and posted it on the network. The picture collected a lot of likes and then he decided to continue. And then the pandemic and the quarantine came, everyone started ordering home delivery, and he had a lot more work to do. Usually, Jason leaves packages on the porch, so as not to contact the people living in the house, but the dogs that meet him, it’s a completely different matter!

He has no favorites, too many worthy candidates to be easy to choose. At many addresses, Jason goes constantly and the dogs are already waiting for him, they are happy. Everyone is willing to pose for the camera and radiate positive emotions, which is so important in these times. Not a week goes by without a lot of likes and envious comments under the posts: “some people are lucky!”

Puppies are always fun, says Jason. Although there are also overlays, for example, once a very tiny baby jumped out to meet a parcel. The dog was afraid of a stranger, and when Jason picked it up, the puppy peed on him in excitement. Annoying, but okay. But now it’s funny to remember!

Meeting with dogs is such a bonus, says Jason. He is glad that he has a job in demand, the opportunity to travel around the country and meet different people. This is what makes life happy.



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