Brad Pitt introduced his new girlfriend and earned the displeasure of his fans

Many things happen on our planet and they always surprise the whole world. The famous actor Brad Pitt is finally happy after many problems and difficulties. Today, the actor has a new chance in life. Some believe that the reason for his joy is his new girlfriend, Ines de Ramon. Their relationship was first revealed in October 2022, and apparently they are very comfortable together, which makes the actor’s subscribers very happy. We can’t hide the fact that the actor is looking much better now. According to his loyal fans, he looks determined and powerful. “I think he is the best”, “His smile is amazing”, “He looks completely happy now after his divorce from Angelina”, wrote his fans.Everyone was delighted because they noticed how much Pitt had changed and looked happy. But some said that even Agnes looked older than Pitt. It should be remembered that their relationship is serious, as the paparazzi have photographed them together regularly.

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