Black wires crossing a road? What they mean

You may have already seen a startling sight when you take every possible route on a daily basis: dark connections stretching across the road like stealthy asphalt sentries.But what are these puzzling cylinders and what is their function in our transportation system? The answer is related to information gathering and traffic flow.These cylinders, used by community organizations, contain vital information about traffic patterns and road usage. There are more than 12,000 of these traffic counters throughout the state, providing vital information for planning and development of our roadway organizations.
An electrical signal picked up by a counter is triggered each time a car tire comes in contact with the cylinder, causing a burst of air.These cylinders provide much more detailed information when fed in pairs, making it possible to ensure the class, speed and direction of vehicles.Based on these observations, regions can modify their traffic management strategies, ensuring that road networks continue to operate efficiently and safely for all users.

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