A little boy gives his last 20 centimes to a homeless man and his grandmother then receives a villa worth 740,000 dollars

A little boy gives his last 20 cents to the homeless beggar his father used to help. He is richly rewarded for his kindness when the man becomes a millionaire.

Jimmy and his father had their own little rituals.
When they left the ice cream parlour, they always passed a homeless person who always sat on the same corner. Jimmy’s dad always emptied his wallet and gave the man every penny he had on him and the man always smiled.The only person he had left was his grandmother, Wendy.
Granny Wendy only had her pension left, so she found them a caravan to live in, and life became very hard for Jimmy. Despite her best efforts, Wendy couldn’t offer her grandson everything he was used to receiving when his father was alive.

In the new house, Granny Wendy’s health improved considerably and Jimmy stopped being so anxious.

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