Phillip Herron’s tragic story: A call for greater compassion

Phillip Herron was a single father of three struggling with a heavy debt burden. Unable to cope, he decided to take his own life. This photo shows him in his final moments.His financial situation worsened when a payday loan he had applied for was delayed. The waiting period for this loan was five weeks. At the time of his tragic death, Herron had only $4.61 left in his bank account.
At the time, he felt utterly hopeless and trapped.Those around him, including his family and friends, were unaware of the problems Herron was facing, as he had never told anyone about his difficulties.
What made things even more heartbreaking was that this father had to tell his children that Santa Claus would not be visiting them that year.
When we face problems, we have to find the strength to share our deepest feelings and fears with those around us and ask for help. This is how we can build a society that supports each other in our most vulnerable moments.We must also be more attentive, because there are people around us who suffer in silence.
Hopefully, as a nation, we will be able to create positive change.

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