King Carlos doesn’t have much time left, and we are devastated

Is King Carlos’s cancer diagnosis more serious than the palace indicates? New information suggests the situation could be much worse than the royal family wants us to believe. Although the king remains silent for now, sources close to him have stated that he has only two years left to live. Concerns about the monarch’s health arose long before he publicly revealed he was battling the illness. The only information provided by royalty members about Carlos’s cancer indicates it was discovered during treatment for an enlarged prostate. However, according to a palace source close to Carlos, specific details about his cancer are kept secret among staff who work closely with him, as reported by In Touch Weekly. It is said that he is battling pancreatic cancer with a prognosis of only two years. Those in the know fear they do not have the full story. “Many courtiers believe Carlos’s cancer is worse than they want to let on. Even before the diagnosis, there were concerns about his health,” another source said. He may not be able to match his mother’s achievements. Nevertheless, it would have been difficult, given that Queen Elizabeth’s reign lasted over 70 years. “It’s a tragedy that Carlos cannot follow in his mother’s footsteps and leave a lasting legacy,” one source said.

There have been many changes within the royal family. This would suggest that the secret has only been kept recently, as no one was aware of any health issues Carlos may have had previously.
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