Must watch: Elvis Presley’s “grandson” takes the stage and steals the show

Dakota Striplin made a bold statement on The Voice, hinting that he might be the grandson of the late, great Elvis Presley, in the exciting world of talent competitions.Dakota mesmerized judges and audience alike with his soulful rendition of “Love Me Tender”, recalling Elvis in every note.
Accompanied only by his guitar, he delivered a fascinating and moving performance.
The first judge was clearly impressed by Dakota’s beautiful voice filling the room; she turned her chair in appreciation and put her hand over her heart.

Shortly afterwards, another judge, impressed by Dakota’s seductive aura and remarkable voice, quickly turned around, eager to discover the source of this astonishing performance.After her performance, the judges asked her about her choice of songs and her sources of musical inspiration. Dakota spoke at length about her family’s relationship with Elvis, describing her grandmother’s happy memories of seeing him perform.Dakota added to the mystery by touching on other mysterious aspects of her ancestry, including an important DNA discovery that raised questions about her confirmed heritage and suggested a possible link to Elvis Presley.Watch Dakota Striplin’s fascinating performance and its historical context in the video below.

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