This is what Richard Gere’s son looks like: Dad’s genes have done their job

They welcomed their son in 2000! Years have passed and Homer is ready to steal hearts. He is already 24 years old and has inherited the millionaire smile, the snow-white skin and the beauty of his father․Richard Gere is one of the most remarkable, accomplished and brilliant actors who ushered in a new era in Hollywood and whose contribution to the industry cannot be overstated. In addition to his career accomplishments and professionalism, his private life and appearance have never failed to arouse interest.In 2002, Gere married C. Lowell, with whom he had a son, Homer James Jigme Gere, named after his grandfather. He also has two heirs with his current wife Alexandra Silva.Recently, the “Pretty Woman” and “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale” star introduced his adult heir, and it’s no understatement to say that every girl’s heart melted in a second. His uncanny resemblance to his father is simply uncanny. There is no doubt that Homer has inherited the actor’s best genes.“He’s hit the genetics jackpot,” “How long have we slept? He’s turned into a real heartthrob”, “How time flies!”, “What a radiant smile and kind eyes! My heart has melted”.

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