Prank: A dead man shouts “Let me out” at his funeral

The young man closest to the grave quickly backed away in fright, thinking that old Shay had really come back to life. Even dead, he managed to make his loved ones laugh when they were down and sad. Shay Bradley was a veteran of the Irish Defense Forces. He died after a long period of illness. Comedian Bradley believed that, after an illness bravely endured, his friends and family deserved to find comfort and peace, and that this could begin with a laugh at the height of their sadness. Bradley was buried in Kilmanagh, Kilkenny, Ireland. “Hello, hello, let me out! Bradley shouted a pre-recorded message from the coffin. The smiles were instantaneous. Everyone knew the prankster friend had done it again. “Where the fuck am I, let me out, let me out. It’s fucking dark in here, is that the priest I hear? It’s Shay, I’m in the box. No, in front of you. I’m dead.”Bradley finished his joke by breaking into song to an Irish tune: “Hello again, hello. Hello, I was just calling to say goodbye.” The funeral guests laughed so hard they began to cry again. No doubt they would miss the good-natured man who had lived to protect and entertain.


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