How to dress at 60 to catch admiring glances: 11 examples from a stylish fashionista

Many women, having reached a certain age, begin to lose interest in their appearance. However, this is a mistake, because for ladies 60+ there are many stylish and suitable clothing options. Today we will discuss how to dress after 60, so that your image caused admiration, not a sneer.
A midi dress with an unobtrusive print is perfectly combined with monochrome things. A belt in the tone of the jacket will add femininity and sophistication to the image.To make the pantsuit not look too strict, complement it with a top with a print. Shoes and accessories with predatory snake pattern will be an original addition to the spring ensemble.We recommend mature ladies to pay attention to peach, pistachio and soft pink shades. These colors are refreshing and give the image of lightness and interest.Wear what you like and don’t think that a pink sweater and hat is not age appropriate for you. However, avoid neon colors such as canary yellow or garish lettuce, which can look ridiculous on a 60+ lady.
The lingerie style of clothing goes well with solid-colored knits. It is important not to go overboard with the amount of satin or silk fabric in the “age” ensemble.Classic shirt, sweater, jeans and cashmere coat are ideal for creating multi-layered cozy looks.


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