A son has built a house with an interesting secret for his mother: Video

It looks like a normal house made of larch on the edge of a small pond. It took Kaspar six months of tireless work. The building looks, well, unpretentious: a sort of shed with windows. And what’s so special about it? It’s that the house is adapted to the region’s changing climate, and when the weather’s fine, Mum pulls a lever and…It has two cabins. The central part serves as a real natural solarium, and it even works in winter. Why are there no walls? Caspar has created an incredibly flexible concept that Mom can use in a multitude of ways. In addition to the exterior walls, there are also interior glass walls; if these are removed, the result is a kind of winter garden, with heat supplied by a wood-burning stove.All the mechanisms are balanced and can be operated by an old lady. My mother was amazed and admired what her son had been doing for so long – so many possibilities! Reading a book in the sun, having tea on a frosty morning, hosting an outdoor party, leaving the house directly on the lawn, inviting the grandchildren, for whom the sliding structure is a theater stage and playground. And how interesting it is to admire the stars with a glass of wine when you have a sliding roof in your living room!

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