This woman decided to offer a pretzel and a coffee to a homeless person

Surely no one wants to be a beggar and live on what people decide to give them. I think anyone in this situation has a difficult life and it would be hard for any of us to endure.Most people have a negative attitude when they see a beggar and don’t go out of their way to help them, and some even choose to make fun of beggars and make them feel inferior to the rest of us.
The man had approached the cafe where Casey was, but had only gotten people to give him a dollar.After looking him over, Casey called him over to the table where she was sitting and offered to buy him a coffee and a pretzel.
They chatted for a while and Casey learned that the man’s mother had died of cancer and that he had ended up living on the streets because of drugs, but that he wanted to get back on the right track and wanted his life to get better. Casey shared the story on his social media. He said that Chris was a wonderful man and that he wished he could help him have a better life.
Casey wrote that he appreciates the fact that this man is trying to overcome his disease and become a normal person, but unfortunately people never take him into account, so it is very difficult for him to overcome his condition.

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