The reason for those mysterious holes in the porch walls

Have you ever wondered about the enigmatic holes that frequently appear in the brick walls of the front porch? Although they may seem unimportant at first glance, these holes have a number of historical functions.

Let’s discover the mysteres behind these holes.
One of the main purposes of these holes is to solve drainage problems.Water can collect on porches after a particularly heavy downpour, causing damage and erosion.
The holes allow rainwater to drain away, preventing it from accumulating and causing damage.
It’s amazing how a small element can play an important role in the safety of our homes!
So, in addition to their practical uses, they also help to keep the air in our homes dry and comfortable.
A link between past and presentIn addition to their utilitarian aspect, these holes enhance the decoration of the front porch.
They produce striking light and shadow effects that add character and charm to our homes.Each hole tells a story, showing how domestic needs have evolved over time.

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