My brother kicked our grandmother out of the house because she no longer had money

Paul and Rachel, a brother and sister, argued about their elderly grandmother, Eleanor. The old woman spent her days painting, and according to Paul, she had become a burden because she no longer contributed financially to the family. Upon hearing Paul’s words, Rachel was shocked. “Paul, she’s our grandmother. She raised us, remember?” she said. But Paul was determined to kick their grandmother out of his house. “That was then. Things are different now,” he said, crossing his arms. “She doesn’t contribute anything anymore. She just sits there painting and wasting time.” Realizing that Paul no longer planned to take care of their grandmother, Rachel wondered what future awaited the old woman. It was then that Paul suggested Rachel take Grandma Eleanor into her home. “She can stay with you,” he said bluntly. “Since you seem to care so much.” Rachel agreed. For her, leaving her grandmother homeless was unthinkable, even though her brother’s request left a bitter taste. Grandma Eleanor had the guest room in Rachel’s house. It was a pleasant place that felt comfortable and homely. There, she could paint, with Rachel’s children adoring her and enjoying listening to her stories. With time and Rachel’s help, Eleanor created several beautiful paintings. Rachel’s children shared them on social media. The weeks leading up to Eleanor’s solo exhibition were busy. She worked tirelessly, not only painting but also writing the stories behind each of her works. On the day of the exhibition, the gallery was packed, and almost all the paintings were sold. Rachel even received several commissions, ensuring her financial independence. Realizing that his apologies wouldn’t be enough to rebuild the bonds he had broken, Paul turned around and left. Then, Eleanor turned to her granddaughter and told her how grateful she was for everything she had done for her. But it was Rachel who felt grateful, because her grandmother had taught her to value the people who truly matter.
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