A woman was turned down for a job because of her piercings and tattoos

Anyone who’s ever been turned down for a job has probably wondered why it wasn’t a good fit: was it due to something else, presentation or lack of skills?After being turned down for a job at TJ Maxx, 23-year-old Ash Putnam shared his feelings on TikTok, where his video quickly gained popularity.
Since then, his video has received tens of thousands of comments and over seven million views. While the heavily tattooed 20-year-old wonders how young people can get entry-level jobs, one thing seems to be unanimously agreed upon in the comments section.Putnam explained in her widely shared TikTok that she had applied for a job at TJ Maxx and, “a few weeks” later, received an automated email rejecting her application.The Californian, who works for Uber Eats, never received a clear answer from TJ Maxx, but TikTok users seemed to agree on the reasons for her rejection.

Putnam also seemed to believe that his tattoos were the cause.
“TJ Maxx didn’t tell me that – it’s just a bunch of comments I got on my video. People are extremely hateful about my TikTok and say I should be working in a circus or a Halloween tent.”

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