How to Hide a Belly with Clothes When You Weigh 75 kg or More

Curvy women often tend to choose inappropriate garments, falling into extremes: either they wear tight clothing, or they hide under oversized tunics, thinking that they are hiding the extra kilos around the belly. In the end, neither of these approaches works. However, any silhouette can be presented favorably by following some rules. Here are 14 tips that will help plus-size women look slimmer. Avoid clothes with tight pockets and ornaments. Bulky details draw attention to problem areas. Giving up massive ruffles, tight pockets, and XXL bows will help divert attention from the prominent belly. Even a small detail, like an asymmetric lapel, can attract unwanted looks. Opt for thick fabrics. Thick fabrics shape the silhouette and hide imperfections. Therefore, replace silk and viscose with linen, quality cotton, and thick suit fabrics for cooler days. Highlight a nice neckline. A V-neckline diverts attention from the belly and slims the face. Complete your outfit with a statement necklace, vertical earrings, or a high hairstyle to enhance the effect. Wear wrap dresses. This style has proven its effectiveness for a long time. A snug fit, asymmetry, and a midi length create a sleek silhouette. Opt for high-waisted pants and a loose shirt. A loose shirt, slightly tucked in the front, creates a layered effect that hides the belly and highlights the waist. Choose pants with a classic waist and zipper closure. A “paper bag waist” and an elastic band only accentuate the belly. A classic cut with thick denim or suit fabric and no superfluous embellishments creates a cleaner silhouette.

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