This young man took his mother to a retirement home, where he visited her from time to time

Do we ever stop to think about the idea that you reap what you sow? We often act without fully understanding the impact we have on others. Fortunately, life has a way of calling us to order.After the death of his father, a man felt unable to care for his mother and made the difficult decision to place her in a nursing home. Unfortunately, she was not happy there and he only visited her from time to time, feeling unable to give her the attention she needed.
One day he received a call informing him that his mother’s health had deteriorated considerably. She was not well at all and seemed to be living her last days.The son rushed to the residence and went straight to his mother’s room. He asked her if he could do anything for her.
The mother looked her son in the eye and made some requests. Upon hearing this, he assured her that he was perfectly willing to fulfill her last wishes.The son was surprised. He had assumed that his mother was unaware of his deteriorating health. He wondered why she had not told him sooner. Now it seemed too late to act.

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