My parents spent my grandfather’s entire inheritance on college, but karma struck back

A broken family, debts and betrayals. You’ll be on the edge of your seat to find out what happens when an inheritance intended to fund higher education disappears. Discover the unexpected twists and turns of this gripping story, as karma closes in and secrets are revealed.I always felt that my parents preferred my older brother to me when I was growing up. I could feel the difference in the way they treated me, even if they tried to hide it. I often felt like a secondary being, an empty space in need of recognition, while my brother basked in their acceptance.
Before he left, he promised me one last thing that gave me hope.Until I was 18, this money was in my parents’ account. But over the years, despair replaced it. My parents avoided answering my questions about my grandfather’s inheritance, made empty promises and distracted me with other activities.During this eventful process, I discovered that forgiveness is as much about freeing oneself from the bonds of bitterness as it is about freeing others from their wrongdoings. Looking back on this period of my life, I realize that trials can bring out our inner strength.

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