Divorce rumors: Ben Affleck photographed without wedding ring

Ben Affleck’s recent appearance without his wedding ring has done nothing to quell rumors of marital problems with Jennifer Lopez.Their rekindled romance, once an example of a second chance relationship, is now facing new challenges, including living apart and intense public scrutiny. The couple also has to deal with lingering shadows from their past relationship.Speculation began on May 18, when TMZ shared a photo of Ben Affleck inside a car, notably without his wedding ring on his left finger while adjusting the sun visor. The absence of the wedding ring immediately sparked rumors that Ben Affleck and his wife of nearly two years, Jennifer “JLo” Lopez, were on the verge of separating.
Some netizens questioned Affleck’s motives, with one asking, “Is he purposely showing his hand?”
Another suggested that Ben “should have stayed with Jennifer Garner.”The same user added, “I hope Ben is okay and gets through this, and that life goes on for him in a better way. I wish them both the best of luck in life.”
Another fan was optimistic: “I hope not….

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