The breeder couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw who her mare had given birth to

Sometimes, the probability of an event occurring tends towards zero, yet it happens. These are probably the astonishing cases we call miracles. This story takes place in the stable of Tanya McKee’s farm, located on the outskirts of the city of Exeter, in the English county of Devonshire. This woman has been breeding horses for a long time, but this experienced British breeder was faced with a truly unique phenomenon. In Tanya’s stable is a very rare mare called Destiny. A year and a half ago, an incredible story happened to the animal. The mare gave birth to two identical foals.This is an exceptional case, as the vast majority of twins die in the womb within six weeks of conception. But even the foals that manage to survive this period die without ever seeing the light of day. Experts estimate that the probability of identical offspring being born is 10,000 to 1! So when Fate gave birth to healthy foals, the breeder’s joy knew no bounds. At the same time, the mare was examined by a vet who found no twins in her womb. According to experts, a mare’s anatomy does not allow her to carry and give birth to more than one foal. This is why Fate’s case was considered so unique.

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