Most people throw away eggshells, but they don’t know how important they are

Do you find yourself with a pile of eggs in your house? You’re not alone. Eggs are not only delicious and full of protein, but their shells also offer a whole host of benefits. Before you throw them away, here are 7 good reasons to keep them.When you live near a wooded area, you’re often bothered by deer eating your plants. But don’t worry. Scatter eggshells around your plants to keep these gentle giants away. It turns out that deer despise the smell of eggshells. Try it and say goodbye to unwanted plant eaters.
Having birds in the garden is a real pleasure. Not only do they serenade you with their beautiful songs, but they also help combat unwanted pests. And guess what? Birds love eggshells. Scatter a few around your garden and you’ll see these feathered friends flocking to feast.
Eggshells are packed with calcium and other nutrients that can do wonders for your soil. Is your soil too acidic for some of your favorite plants to flourish? Don’t worry: eggshells to the rescue!Why throw away eggshells when they can be composted?

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