The girl did 100 squats a day for a month

American journalist Jesse Klein took part in a fitness challenge and, for a month, performed one hundred squats a day. takes a look at the results.The girl has always loved sport, but recently took up boxing and pilates. Jessie felt that her legs weren’t getting enough exercise and decided to adapt her training program. A search on the Internet led her to the idea of an experiment.She decided to try to improve the condition of her muscles using normal squats, but the daily standard of execution was no less than one hundred exercises. The number was impressive. She divided the number of exercises into approaches and began performing them at regular intervals. She had to take breaks, even while working. At first, her colleagues were surprised and laughed at her efforts, but then they got used to them, even if they refused to keep her company.Jessie saw the first results of the challenge after just one week. Her muscles became thinner and her gait lighter. Even after the end of the experiment, the young girl has no intention of giving up squatting, as the condition of her legs has clearly improved, becoming finer and more rounded.

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