A woman takes a photo of herself running through the jungle and later discovers a disturbing detail in the bushes

Over the years, “spooky” images have continued to appear on the internet. Whether it’s possible Big Foot sightings, alleged flying saucers in the sky or ghosts appearing in the windows of decrepit old houses, there’s no shortage of such images if you choose to look for them.It’s fair to say that the vast majority of these images are not as inexplicable as they’re made out to be.
More often than not, the paranormal element or strange detail is nothing more than a fortuitous camera blur, or the work of someone who knows how to use Photoshop and has too much time on their hands.Kay would have participated in the 2019 Hawaiian Ultra-Racing Team Trail 100-Mile Endurance Race, a race in which competitors complete five laps of a 32-kilometer loop through dense rainforest.
Kay was accompanied by her friend Cassie – who worked as an animator – and it was Cassie who took snaps during the duo’s run.Kay posted on Reddit: “My coach took this photo.
The close-ups in the photo in question appear to show a dark figure, dressed in rags, who seems to be watching Kay as she runs. However, Kay insists that no one was present at the time.

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