5 creepy hairstyles from the past that you’re still ashamed of today

Hairstyle fashion, especially among women, is constantly changing, and what was popular six months ago is already considered outdated. Today we will look at 5 hairstyles that were very popular in the past, but are now scary.Crazy perms
Looking at pictures from the past, we see “extravagant” hairstyles with crazy volumes and perms. This not only looked weird, but also caused significant damage to the hair. With the passage of time, hairstyle fashions have changed and perms are no longer so popular.
The voluminous bob
However, this style of hairstyle gave girls’ heads a disproportionate amount of volume. Today, however, we rarely see modern women with this hairstyle. Trends in fashion have changed, and girls began to prefer more natural and sophisticated options.
Aurora haircutMany representatives of the fair sex began to copy it, inspired by the images of famous American actresses.
Garçon haircutA lot of women decided to cut off their long hair and join the new trend. Why exactly this hairstyle became so popular, remains a mystery.
BabetteAt the end of the 60s, the fashion for women’s hairstyles changed again, and the previous trends were replaced by the so-called “babette”. This hairstyle became very popular among women who were inspired by Brigitte Bardot’s style and aspired to look like her.

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