She leaves “baby” in the car while she shops at Target – assures others it’s okay

It seems like you can hardly move in public these days without running the risk of ending up on the internet. The era of viral clips and stories is fully upon us, which means embarrassing, funny, and sometimes even private videos and photos of ours can be uploaded and spread in the digital world literally within seconds. Now, while this can certainly be abused, sometimes it can also be used appropriately – let’s take, for example, when people are accused of doing bad things. I can only imagine that’s what internet users thought when an Instagram post went viral in early March, claiming to show a note left by a mom who had left her baby in the car to go into Target to shop. Heart-wrenching, right? Well, don’t worry, there’s more to this story than meets the eye. In March, influencer Bonnie Engle shared a reel on her Instagram that quickly spread like wildfire. Since its posting, the video has racked up millions of views and over 1,000 comments. The video in question shows a close-up of a handwritten note stuck inside the window of a car, which reads: “My baby is fine. He has his snacks and drink! I’m at Target. I’ll be back soon!” Needless to say, the note alone was enough to elicit waves of shock from many of the people who saw the video. However, those who were willing to give the video a chance quickly realized that Engle is not so much a bad mother as she is a mischievous partner. A few seconds after the aforementioned close-up of the note in the window, the camera pans out, revealing that Engle’s “baby” in the car is not a baby at all… rather, it’s her husband. The influencer captioned the Instagram reel: “Please, no judgment. He’s safe and fine.” Her husband can be seen waiting inside the car eating popcorn. Fortunately, followers in the comment section saw the humorous side of Bonnie’s clip. “My heart sank and then I laughed out loud,” wrote one. “It’s much easier to leave them in the car,” said another person. “For a moment, I was really about to get angry… I didn’t expect that,” added a third.

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