A 16-year-old boy divides the internet with a spinning dance dress; some say it’s “dazzling,”

Posing in a fiery red skirt and a sequin-spattered tuxedo top that perfectly matches his scarlet hair, 16-year-old Korben White has set the internet ablaze with the prom dress he wore to his high school dance. Following a viral post by his mother, Nina Green, showcasing her well-groomed teenage son ready for the dance, fervent supporters of the awakening movement praised his flowing dress while others played the shame game, saying it demonstrates “parental failure” in “encouraging this sort of thing.” When Korben White was just 12 years old, he told his mother Nina Green “he wanted to go to his school’s prom in a dress.” In 2022, just four years after his statement of intent, the teenager – a “mischievous” young drag queen who goes by the name Miss Frou Frou – made his dream come true. Speaking to the BBC, Green explains her son’s inspiration. “He wanted to go as himself, expressing his feminine side, with a tuxedo top and a skirt below, heavily influenced by [American actor] Billy Porter.” She continued, “He wanted to be Korben… but in a dress.” And when he stepped out of the car in his bright red outfit matched with a white shirt and a giant red bow tie, Korben’s grand reveal was applauded by both staff and students at Archbishop Sancroft High School in Harleston, Norfolk. “As soon as he got out of the car, everyone just clapped, and I cried, some of the teachers were crying, because he was being who he wanted to be,” proudly said Korben’s mom. “Everyone was very supportive, and his prom was amazing. If you allow your child to be who they are, then you’ll only get the best from them.”

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