You’ll be surprised: Man with one painted nail, here’s what it means

Men have been seen in public with a painted nail, and the reason is very cool and for a good cause. Men can choose to paint one or several nails on each hand, and the color they choose may differ from one man to another. It’s true that some guys take things a little further by adding a design over the color, but the singular meaning it represents remains unchanged. This fashion reserved for men originated in Australia, but brave American guys introduced it to the United States. While touring with a group called Hagar International, Elliot Costello met a girl named Thea, who inspired him to paint a nail and spread the idea more widely. Elliot and the group arrived in Cambodia with the intention of making a difference in the lives of the inhabitants. In turn, the smallest of the villagers made a big impression on Elliot, who discovered an issue affecting children worldwide, especially in the United States, and not just in Cambodia. Elliot took the time to get to know little Thea by interacting with her in a way she appreciated. Nail polish was essential for this girl. She painted one of hers while they discussed her life and her problems, and he painted one of his. After this touching exchange, Elliot regained the motivation to make a positive change among men so that children are safer from sexual abuse. It was then that he came up with the idea of the Polished Man project, in which men are challenged to spend a week painting one nail to become a #PolishedMan. This single nail on a hand full of five symbolizes that one in every five children will be a victim of sexual violence.

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