Attention, if you see a plastic bottle in your tire

Attention, if you see a plastic bottle in your tire, the increasing cost of living and the constant need to work are just two of the many difficulties of modern life. Even with all these demands on our time and energy, we should never lose sight of the need to protect ourselves, especially in high-risk situations where not acting could have devastating consequences. If you ever discover a plastic bottle trapped between your car tire and the chassis, make sure to pay special attention and act quickly. In this type of emergency, you should immediately call 911. Thieves are becoming increasingly creative nowadays. In fact, they have developed a new car theft strategy that is causing alarm worldwide. As a discreet and unsophisticated signal, potential car thieves have found a way to steal vehicles. This approach has quickly spread, even in the United States, although it was initially reported in Limpopo, South Africa. The plan is as follows: after identifying a target, a potential car thief “marks” the vehicle by placing a water bottle on one of its wheels. If you want to conceal the bottle from the driver when getting into your car, you should place it on the front passenger side wheel, says MotorBiscuit. An unsettling crunching sound emanates from the empty plastic bottle when the driver begins to accelerate the vehicle.

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