The family bought a dilapidated house in a village and renovated it

Generally, it is thought to be impossible to renovate a completely ruined house. Especially in a short time. But the story of these homeowners makes us believe that complete renovation is possible, as long as resources are managed properly. It all started when the husband and wife acquired a dilapidated country house, completely uninhabitable, for a modest sum. How the previous owners lived there is a mystery. Instead of floors, there was simply earth, the walls were in ruins, and the roof threatened to collapse. The new owners replaced the facilities in all the rooms. They painted the walls a pleasant gray color, replaced the ceilings with stretch false ceilings, and leveled the floor before covering it with linoleum. They also replaced the baseboards and installed new radiators. The rooms looked much more decent after these works. They also replaced the doors and cleaned the PVC windows. Some of the furniture was discarded, and those in good condition were reused. Thus, the living room, bedroom, and kitchen acquired a true Scandinavian atmosphere. The bathroom required more serious renovation. They replaced the sanitary fixtures with modern models, installed a sink, and a large cabinet underneath it. Convenient roller blinds were installed on the windows. Hard to believe, but all these renovations only cost the new owners around 5000 euros.

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