Angelina Jolie sells homemade dog food with her children in the park

 Life is full of surprises, with twists and events to which no one is exempt. Recently, a photo of the Oscar-winning Jolie selling dog treats in an everyday setting, packaged in homemade bags, surfaced on the internet. Has her divorce with Brad put her in such a financially difficult situation? It all started with this photo, in the background, a part of the Jolie-Pitt family. The young woman in the picture is named Sara Ramos, she is a novice actress dreaming of a career in cinema. Meeting a celebrity, especially in such an unconventional setting, was perceived as a sign of destiny by her. Ramos shared in detail on all available social media what had happened, and although many doubted the reality of the photo, Jolie’s close associates confirmed it: yes, it was her. With her son Shiloh and the twins Vivienne and Knox. And yes, they were selling dog food. Ramos specified that she took the photo last fall, but out of respect for Jolie, she hadn’t published it while the press enjoyed another scandal between her and Pitt. Now, perhaps it might be possible. Furthermore, there’s nothing shameful about the actions of the Hollywood diva, even her detractors can’t find anything to reproach in it. When Jolie is not filming movies or doing business, she tries to be an exemplary mother to her six children, including the adopted ones. And by American conservative standards, that means teenagers should learn to earn a living for themselves. And it can start with homemade dog food, especially since the photo was taken in a dog park. It’s noteworthy that many internet users condemned this. Some criticized Ramos herself, saying that instead of taking sneaky photos, she could have openly approached, greeted, bought a bag, and fed the dogs. Others noticed the genuine boredom on the children’s faces, “Mom, why are we here if no one is buying anything?” Others decided it was a bad publicity move, saying that if you love dogs, you don’t flaunt your wealth, and you can easily blend in with the crowd. And Angelina Jolie herself wisely remains silent.

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