Everyone in America weeps: Four boys wrote a magical song

The Statler Brothers Show held a prominent place among The Nashville Network’s programs, a cable channel dedicated to country music. Airing every Saturday night, it showcased the remarkable talents of the Statler Brothers. The Statler Brothers Show was an American television variety show hosted by the country music group The Statler Brothers. The show ran for seven seasons, from 1991 to 1998, on The Nashville Network (TNN) as part of the channel’s Saturday night lineup and became TNN’s most popular program, even becoming the highest-rated program in the channel’s history. The show’s theme music is an instrumental of “The Class of ’57,” one of the Statlers’ biggest hits, performed by Bill Walker’s orchestra, which, along with the Statlers, provided all the music for the show. The show also featured a segment called “Yesteryear,” in which a year in history was remembered through songs released that year, as well as descriptions of events that occurred that year, performed and narrated respectively by the Statlers and regular guests. The segment became so popular at one point that it became an independent spin-off series hosted by Allen and Fricke, also aired on TNN, but had a short run. After “Yesteryear,” a similar segment called “Music Mail Time” was introduced, where viewers could write in and request popular songs for the Statlers and regular guests to perform. You can enjoy a performance of their song “More Than a Name On a Wall” below:

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