Dangerous Broccoli: The terrifying discovery of a man inside a bag of broccoli bought at Aldi

A man who went to the supermarket to do his shopping returned with a snake and only realized after the animal had become familiar with his food. Last month, 63-year-old Neville Linton bought a bag of broccoli at an Aldi branch in Stourbridge, England, and stored it in his refrigerator before taking it out to prepare a meal three days later. But when he unpacked the broccoli, the man immediately saw the unexpected guest. Keep reading to find out how the incident unfolded and don’t miss the conversation we had about it with Dr. Steven J R Allain, also known as The Punk-Pop Herpetologist. Neville, who works in industrial cleaning, couldn’t believe his eyes. “It was quite terrifying. I don’t get along well with snakes,” he said. “It’s lucky I didn’t leave the broccoli in the kitchen, otherwise it would have been loose in the house.” “It would have been a big risk for us because we have two vulnerable people living here.” Once he realized the creature was too big to be a worm, he called his sister Ann-Marie Tenkanemin for help and she identified it as a snake. The duo put it in a box and returned to the Aldi store on Dudley Road where Neville had made the purchase. “At first I thought he was joking, but I stepped back when I saw it start to move. The guy in the store was pretty scared too,” he said.

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