Taylor Swift took off her make-up and stayed flawless

Taylor Swift isn’t just famous for her musical prowess and romantic exploits, but her die-hard fans, known as Swifties, often marvel at her captivating make-up looks. The singer has sported a wide variety of make-up styles since her first single, “Tim McGraw”, debuted on the Billboard charts in 2006. From dark smoky eyes to blue eyeshadow, long lashes, peach tones and cat eyes “sharp enough to kill a man”, Taylor Swift has sported a variety of make-up styles since her debut single, “Tim McGraw”, which debuted on the Billboard charts in 2006.  On October 24, 2022, Taylor Swift proved that make-up wasn’t a prerequisite for capturing a moody photo, particularly when announcing the release of her latest album. Without make-up, the musician appeared truly beautiful with her hair pulled back in a braided bun, while she gazed into the distance, dressed in a fairytale-inspired ensemble. The caption to the promotional message adds: “Midnight, what a legendary hour. During the COVID-19 closures, almost every active social media user posted at least one makeup-free selfie at home with a boredom-related caption. Taylor Swift joined the trend on Instagram by sharing a makeup-free selfie on April 27, 2020.

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