Something terrible: 11-year-old boy dies from an online trend on Tik Tok

A child’s family has suffered a tragedy and must now face the worst pain imaginable. Now other people are being warned. The family of an 11-year-old boy is mourning the loss of a child who died because of a horrible online trend. To make sure no one else goes through what they did, the family is trying to spread the word and encourage parents to have conversations with their children. Tommie-Lee Billington, 11, from Lancaster, England, lost her life as a result of a disturbing trend among young people on TikTok.According to The Sun, his death follows the deaths of two teenagers who were participating in the same “challenge” on the app. The boy’s heart raced the moment Tommie and her friend joined the TikTok group. His death was immediately reported by medical personnel. The 11-year-old’s terrible death plunged his family into despair.Sherry, his mother, asked other parents to have a conversation with their children and dissuade them from using TikTok. “It cost my son his life to try something other kids do,” she wrote on Facebook in an impassioned plea. Talk to your children about the consequences of this practice.

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