Extraterrestrial object discovered in garden: Internet is baffled

When people encounter strange things in their lives, they sometimes turn to the Internet for answers. And when they find nothing on the Internet, they turn to online communities for answers. When one woman woke up and found a puzzling object in her garden, she turned to the Internet for answers. The object in question looked very much like an alien. The object had an oblong skull and a narrow torso. It also had long, reed-like limbs protruding where arms and legs would normally be. The person who discovered the object initially thought it might be a mushroom, but quickly dismissed the idea. They then asked their friends for ideas. And it seems that when their friends were stumped, they turned to the Internet community Reddit to find an answer to the question of what the object might be. First they posted to a community of mushroom experts and enthusiasts, but no one could figure out what it was. Then they asked netizens to find the answer on the “Alien Bodies” subreddit.

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