Maori face tattoo presenter responds to cruel trolls: New Zealand TV presenter

As appealing as tattoos are to some people, having one on your face always sparks debate. Oriini Kaipara, 41, has broken new ground as a television personality, achieving a historic milestone by becoming the first prime-time TV news anchor to wear a moko kauae, a highly respected cultural tattoo traditionally worn by Maori women, when she joined Newshub in New Zealand as a news anchor. The moko kauae, or sacred female chin tattoo, is a cultural and spiritual expression of Maori identity and an affirmation of the political, cultural, social and spiritual aspirations of whānau, hapū, iwi and Maori people. These facial tattoos, traditionally adorned on the lips and chin, symbolize a woman’s family ties, her leadership role within her community and serve as a tribute to her ancestry, position and abilities.  Mokos and the people who wear them are not a threat and do not deserve such discrimination, harassment and prejudice. She is a source of inspiration to others, who should embrace their identity with confidence and face discriminatory beliefs without hesitation.


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