How doctors saved a 1.1 lb. preemie with a snack bag

That’s why it’s essential for expectant mothers to trust doctors as much as possible. But even then, sometimes doctors are faced with unique problems that require creative solutions. Now imagine holding your baby in the palm of your hand. When Pixie Griffiths-Grant was born three months premature, she weighed 1.1 kilograms. At 28 weeks, she decided to arrive early via C-section at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, England. As the New York Post reports, Sharon Grant, then 37, said the umbilical cord and placenta were not feeding the fetus properly. Worse, the fetus had stopped growing at 20 weeks. At the time, Sharon Grant was horrified at the thought of her newborn not surviving. Because Pixie had been born three months premature, the hospital did not have the necessary equipment to provide adequate care. Although Mrs. Grant was unable to hold her daughter for a full 18 days, the doctors’ decision to put Pixie in the sandwich bag may have helped save her life. Within two months, Pixie began to gain weight, and by the third month she weighed 8.5 pounds. It was then that Grant was finally able to take his daughter home.

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