Cancer rehabilitation: Michael Strahan’s 19-year-old daughter speaks out

Michael Strahan’s daughter Isabella has spoken out about her harrowing recovery after undergoing brain surgery to remove a rare, fast-growing tumor.The 19-year-old, a freshman at the University of Southern California, was diagnosed with medulloblastoma in October, after beginning to suffer “excruciating headaches” and waking up vomiting every morning.
After diagnosis, she underwent emergency surgery, followed by “an exhausting month of rehabilitation”, during which she learned to walk again.In a series of videos posted on YouTube, the teenage daughter of Good Morning America host Michael Strahan described the brutal reality of the operation.
The budding model described some of the side effects of the operation, during which she had to use a walker and wheelchair to get around after the removal of a 4 cm tumor.The university student said she was also very sensitive after the operation, which she attributed to the steroids she was taking, and that she “cried” every time she met someone new.
Isabella also reported that she had stayed in New York to recover from the operation longer than she had been at the university – 68 days.

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