Stage 3 cancer diagnosed in 24-year-old woman after ignoring her incessant burping

A 25-year-old American woman who couldn’t stop burping has revealed that her symptom was due to undiagnosed late-stage cancer.
According to People, Florida native Bailey McBreen started burping frequently – up to 10 times a day – in 2021. She ignored the symptom for months, but underwent an examination when it turned into “unbearable” acid reflux and stomach cramps. Mrs McBreen revealed that she was eventually diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer, which came as a “huge shock” to her and her family. Mrs McBreen explained that her health began to deteriorate and she began to suffer “excruciating” pain, loss of appetite and an inability to use the toilet. As a nurse, she trusted her instincts, thinking she was suffering from some kind of “obstruction”, and immediately went to hospital. A CT scan later revealed that she had stage 3 colon cancer and a tumour. According to People, following the diagnosis, Mrs McBreen underwent emergency surgery to remove the tumour. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy until the end of August.Post a commentNow encourage others to listen to their bodies if they feel something strange.

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