Attention: Queen Camilla “outraged” after Prince Harry’s visit

Queen Camilla was reportedly furious that Prince Harry returned home across the Atlantic without palace permission after learning his father had cancer.According to RadarOnline, citing the National Enquirer, Camilla and her grandson have a strained relationship. Camilla is said to be responsible for the fact that the meeting between Harry and Charles was limited to thirty minutes.
Harry returned to the UK after learning that Charles had cancer, allegedly from Charles himself. However, his return did not appear to lead to future peace talks, as some had hoped.Harry’s meeting with his father was short-lived, as the King was flown by helicopter to the royal estate at Sandringham. Harry was not allowed to follow.
It is not known what father and son talked about, and it is unlikely we will ever know. Nor has the public been told much about Charles’s cancer. In the same story, Harry is said to have asked Camilla to leave the room before speaking to his father. Camilla did not like this at all.Harry and Camilla have been feuding for years, allegedly because Harry insisted that it was she who broke up Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage.

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