A young man lost 200 kilograms for the sake of his girlfriend

Not always in stories about radical weight loss for the sake of love heroines are girls. So, twenty-two-year-old resident of Turkey named Akın Turkoglu decided to get rid of excess weight for the sake of the family of his beloved began to take their relationship seriously.The initial weight of the guy was almost 300 kilograms. To achieve the desired result, Akyn revised his diet and began to include more healthy products. Also, the young man began to monitor the caloric content of his food, so that the menu did not get so hot favourite fast food.It was difficult for the guy to do sports. So he decided to start with walking. For the sake of his dream Turkoglu overcame about 25 kilometres a day: during weight loss, he completely gave up transport and stopped driving his own car.
The guy’s efforts were not in vain. For the sake of love, he lost more than 200 kilograms. However, Akin Turkoglu could not convince his girlfriend’s family that he was worthy of her hand.The strong-willed young man does not despair. Now that he is in good shape and has finally started to believe in himself, he knows that he will meet his true soul mate.


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