A “monster” with huge bear claws terrifies mother and daughter

Authorities have reassured people not to worry, even though the monster has been spotted and filmed in the Mississippi River.
What would you have done if you found yourself within yards of this huge beast in the water?Shala Holm was born in Buffalo, Minnesota. Shala encountered a large snapping turtle several months ago, but it wasn’t until recently that her photo came to the public’s attention.
Shala Holm was amazed to see the turtle’s nose move towards a basket of fish hanging from her kayak, as she turned to look for something more common on the shore.According to the station’s owner, it is located on a slow, quiet stretch of the Mississippi north of Brainerd. A variety of local wildlife can often be seen here.
Many Facebook users have advised staying away from the water, but Sheila says it’s not as risky as it sounds.They feel more comfortable in the water and often go out of their way to be scarier on dry land, where they feel more exposed. They may protect themselves out of fear, but they never engage in combat.

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