The woman wakes up in panic as her baby has mysteriously disappeared from her crib

She shares her experience on the “Beyond The Bump” channel, seeking advice. She recounts that her husband, an only child, keeps his mother very present in their lives. That night, after falling asleep, the young mother wakes up alarmed by the silence of her little one. Fearing the worst, thinking her baby might have passed away. Upon entering the room, she realizes with horror that the baby is gone. Filled with anguish, she screams her daughter’s name, waking her equally bewildered husband. In her distress, she dials 911, but discovers a message with a photo of her mother-in-law. Firmly, she forbids any contact with her family and threatens never to let her see her granddaughter again. Her husband returns with their baby, revealing that his mother had decided to enter their house to help them. Thinking that his wife’s reaction was due to her hormones, her husband and mother suggest divorce, giving her the option. With no close friends or family, the mother finds refuge on Reddit to get unbiased opinions. The users’ responses deeply comfort her, and she reaches out to her mother, who, dismayed, comes to her aid, finding her daughter and granddaughter at the hotel where they had taken refuge.

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