Bizarre incident: A man wanted to humiliate the bus driver by starting to record an unusual scene

A bizarre incident occurred on a bus. The bus was full, it was an ordinary day, and the driver was driving silently.
One of the passengers noticed something strange on the driver’s coat; on closer inspection, he discovered several insects crawling on the driver’s neck and ears.He began recording the event and then posted the video on Facebook. Primo Onipa, the passenger who recorded the incident, said in a Facebook post that the insects were lice and that he had chosen to humiliate the bus driver because he was upset and disgusted by what had happened.According to Primo, the driver smelled bad and looked like he hadn’t bathed or changed his clothes in over a year.
The eggs are attached 3-4 millimeters from the base of the hair.
The eggs are attached 3-4 millimeters from the base of the hair. They are generally found behind the ears and in the occipital region of the neck.Being small and fast-moving, lice are difficult to spot.
According to experts, lice are not an indication of poverty or poor hygiene. Lice can exist in the cleanest of people. The main problem is that they can spread a number of diseases, and are transmitted from person to person.

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