After learning they couldn’t have children, one couple had three sets of twins in five years, all with the same birthday

Carrie and Craig Kosinski responded positively when a long-lost family friend asked them to look after her twins.
Carrie and Craig offered to take temporary custody of the adorable girls.Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and eventually the girls became a permanent member of the family.
For Carrie and Craig, having children had always been a dream, but they had no idea how their journey would end.
Adalynn and Kenna were born on February 28, 2014. The younger twins were biologically related to Kenna and Adalynn.
Originally from Union Grove, Wisconsin, Carrie and Craig had to carefully consider their options.
The couple had made numerous unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant before beginning the process of adopting Kenna and Adalynn.At 25 weeks pregnant, Carrie used in vitro fertilization to give birth to Karraline and Clarissa.
Many thanks to Craig and Carrie for their generosity. The fact that they are raising four children as their own is incredibly admirable.The fact that the couple were also able to have their own biological children gives the impression that they have been rewarded for their efforts.


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