How to avoid snakes in the toilet: Man finds «snake» in his bathroom but what is this?

How to Avoid Snakes in the Toilet: Man Finds «Snake» in His Bathroom — When the expert sees it, he whispers, «It’s not a snake…» «But what is that?!» John exclaimed, frightened. His voice echoed in the tiled bathroom as he looked with wide eyes at the strange thing in his toilet. It had nothing to do there and shimmered under the bright light.

His initial reaction was to flee, to get away as far as possible from the creature. However, he couldn’t explain why, but he felt strangely drawn to it. John was an ordinary person leading a normal life in the quiet town of Maplewood, and encountering strange «snakes» in his toilets definitely wasn’t part of his routine.

As a retired English teacher from the local high school, the most unusual things he dealt with were his students’ confusing interpretations of classical literature. John was a sensible person who preferred the tranquility and predictability of his everyday life. He found solace in the magnificent words of timeless literary works or in the comforting presence of Maplewood’s lively animal community. But that, whatever it was, was neither peaceful nor predictable. It was… something completely different.

John Baxtern, a retired English teacher and amateur ornithologist, enjoyed his quiet life in the serene suburbs of Maplewood. Every morning, he delighted in the melodious songs of the resident birds, finding solace in their gentle melodies. However, this ordinary Tuesday held an unexpected surprise for him.

With a well-established routine and a deep appreciation for a quiet existence, John had crafted a harmonious life for himself in his comfortable two-story colonial house. Surrounded by a picturesque garden full of hydrangeas and vibrant roses, he savored the comforts of familiarity and predictability. Living a life disconnected from the sensationalism of news headlines and blockbuster movies, he had never anticipated what was about to happen that day.

The encounter he was about to face surpassed anything he could have imagined, shattering the tranquility he had carefully built over the years. It was an event that seemed entirely improbable, something he thought would never happen to him in a million years.

During his active years as a teacher, John was highly respected for his patience, vast knowledge, and remarkable ability to simplify even Shakespeare’s most complex sonnets for his students. His colleagues held him in high regard for his unwavering dedication, while his students appreciated him for his profound wisdom. However, those teaching days were now a thing of the past, and his current activities filled his days with different pursuits.

In his leisure moments, John found solace in the art of ornithology, a hobby that connected him not only with nature but also served as a sweet reminder of his teaching days. The birds became his new students, each species with its unique songs, behaviors, and quirks. Alongside ornithology, he also indulged in drawing, adorning his house with intricate pencil sketches of various birds, such as blackbirds, sparrows, and blue jays. His world revolved around the symphony of bird songs, the pencil strokes of his sketches, and the serene silence that surrounded him, until the discovery of that fateful morning.

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