A woman abandons her disabled daughter and cannot recognize her years later when she returns with a request

All her life, Jill knew her mother didn’t want her, so her father raised her. Now, fifteen years later, a mysterious woman shows up at her door and asks to see Jill’s father. Who is she and what does she want? Yesterday, my entire world was shaken when a woman crossed our threshold. If I hadn’t been better informed, I would have thought she was someone else I had never met before. Instead, the woman who knocked on our door was my mother. As I grew up, my mother, Susan, didn’t want me. I was slower than most children, reaching developmental milestones later than my peers. That meant I started walking slower and didn’t really start speaking until I was three. Instead of trying things differently with me, like being patient and attentive, my mother said she couldn’t do it anymore. According to my aunt, she had said, «I wasn’t born to raise this misery.» My aunt told me Susan was stressed about having to care for a girl who might never be able to eat, speak, or walk on her own, because the doctors had said my situation was unpredictable. They said I might be fine in a few years or be stuck, unable to do things for myself. My father, disgusted by my mother’s behavior, left her and decided to raise me alone. My aunt, his sister, helped us whenever we needed it. But even today, my father would never say anything bad about my mother; he wanted me to think she couldn’t handle the pressure of being a mother and that she was only human. It was my aunt who told me the truth.


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